Giulia Spugnoli is a multidisciplinary artist, as painter she explores the power of color , the black and white, the mixed media technic with photography and acrylic colors , with a social interest in the subjects she represents. After her experience in performance field with the open project Le Immagini di Vetro, a live painting on over head projector and interactions with digital and live sounds and dancers, she became interest in the participative art and relational art which allowed her to share herĀ  artistic work with others as artists collective – Rue de la Freak painters collective and Femme Fraktale female artists collective- and as temporary community. She defines herself a cosmopolitan, had exhibition on international level, loves to interact with different cultural backgrounds. She is originally from Florence, Italy, spend 6 years in Berlin, traveler as much as possible. At the moment she is back in Florence, where she has her studio. She is studying contemporary art, cultural anthropology, social engaged art and relational art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, deeply believing in the value of a constant cultural training.