Name: Giulia
Surname: Spugnoli
Date of Birth: 27-08-1980
Place of Birth: Firenze, Italy
E-mail: giuliaspugnoli@gmail.com

Instagram: giuliaspugnoli

Etsy: spugnoliartshop.etsy.com


-2022 , Second level Degree with maximum votes at the Academy of Fine arts of Florence on Painting and New Expressive Languages.

– 2011, Art Master degree in Arttherapy at C.R.E.T.E Arttherapy Association and School (www.cretears.it)

– 2005, Graduated at Academy of Fine Arts of Florence with maximum of votes cum laude in painting, class of Prof. Giulietti-Bisi.

Participatory Art Projects and Social Engaged Art projects:

2023, Florence, IT, Santissima Annunziata square,  Participative performance “COL-LEGATE” for the International Women’s Day.

2021, Florence, Participatory  performance “Women’s heritage in the capitalist society” for the International Women’s day. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMMO3mFIYnH/

– 2020, Florence, IT, Participatory art project for an Installation on public space for the International day against violence on women. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIDsPXKoR10/

– 2019, Florence, IT, Social Engaged Art project “Con e senza via palazzuolo” , photography participative project. in collaboration with Museo del ‘900 and Accademy of Fine Arts Florence.

– 2019, Florence, Participatory Art project for public art for International women’s day “Corpi Speciali” made with the support of Femme EroiKas .

–  Since 2018, on-going Participatory Art project “EroiKa” made in cooperation with several women’s projects based, for now, in Europe:

2022, Marseille, France, workshop EroiKa 9, Cult. Ass. Tipi ,Auberge, and Casa Consolat.

2022, Roma, IT, workshop EroiKa 8, Forte Prenestino C.S.O.A., Crack Festival.

2022, Athen, Greece, workshop EroiKa 7 and digital installation, Communitism. https://communitism.space/

2021, Taranto, IT,  Masseria autogestita La Foresta, Mala Femme Festival, digital installation for  Fuxia allgirl band.

2020, Florence, IT, Next Emerson, collage wall installation.

2020, Florence, IT, Next Emerson, Brugole e Merletti Festival diy, workshop EroiKa 6.

2020, Florence, IT, Corsica, Inchiostri Ribelli Festival, workshop di EroiKa 6.

2019, Florence, IT, Corsica, Inchiostri Ribelli festival, EroiKa zine.

2019, Massa,IT, Casa Rossa, Festa Antifascista, workshop EroiKa 5  and exhibition of EroiKa 1.

2019, Barcelona,Catalunia, ESP, Femme Brutal Festival,workshop EroiKa 4 and wall collage.

2019, Florence, IT, Next Emerson, Brugole e Merletti festival diy, workshop EroiKa 3.

2019, Montespertoli, IT,  Public libray,  workshop EroiKa 2 and exhibition EroiKa 1.

2018, Berlin, Germany, Femme Fraktal Festival Re Evolution, relational art installation.

2018, Florence, IT, Circoloko, ExFila, exhibition of EroiKa 1.

2018, Florence, IT, Santo Spirito square, installation of EroiKa 1.

2018, Florence, IT,  Ass. Cult. Il Melograno, Cena delle Donne, workshop EroiKa 1.

Art projects and collaborations:

-2013, Venice, cooperation with Kinobox Projekt und Montanelli Museum from Prag for Daniel Pesta Ausstellung “I was born in your bed”.

– since 2012 cofounder of the painters collective ” Rue de la Freak” (http://ruedelafreak.blogspot.de)

– Since 2012, Member and co-fouder of Femme Fraktale,  women artists collective, based in Berlin. https://femmefraktale.wordpress.com/

2010, Prato, collaboration with Abnvideo M.Gonzi for the 1 minute video “C.I.E.” for Videominuto Festival 2010, Museo Pecci.

– 2007, Co-founder of the experimental research project in the field of performance with the artist Mario Stagi ( https://soundcloud.com/john-dhe-1 ) , called “Le Immagini di Vetro Project” (www.vimeo.com- immagini di vetro).

– Since 2002, member of the non profit cultural Association il Melograno, based in Florence, as intercultural events curator and resident artist ( melograno513.altervista.org) .

Art Recidencies:

2015, Beijing (PRC), Shangyuan Art Museum (http://www.syartmuseum.com/english/).

2012, Rammersberg, Bogen (D),  Rammersberg Art Symposium, in partnership with Bogen City, Straubing City and Herr Keramik .

2014, Berlin (D), Studio2 Mime centrum, Kunstquartier Bethanien.

2010, Berlin (D), Rauchhaus, Die Spukkommune.

Selected solo and collective exhibitions:

2022, Berlin(D), Solo Exhibition at Schneiderei Restaurant.

2021, Berlin (D), Solo Exhibition at Cafè Tasso.

2018, Florence (IT) , Solo exhibition at Treeland Gallery.

2017, Guangzhou (PRC), collective exhibition with ACII at 7th Guangzhou International Art Trade Fair.

2016, Berlin (DE), Solo exhibition at Cafe´ Tasso.

2016, Florence (IT), Collective exhibition at Limonaia di Villa Vogel in cooperation with Q4 City of Florence.

2015, Beijing (PRC), Collective exhibition at Shangyuan art Museum.

2015, Suzhou (PRC), Collective exhibition “Action!”.

2015, Florence (IT), Collective exhibition at Limonaia di Villa Vogel in cooperation with Q4 City of Florence.

2014, Berlin(D), Isino restaurat, solo exhibition of paintings.

2014, Berlin (D), Cafè Tasso, solo exhibition of paintings.

2013, Florence (IT), Collective exhibition and commition of a collective wallpainting for “Spazio Libero” und C.d.P. Settignano, in cooperation with City of Florence.

2013, Bologna( IT) and Lille (F), Installation in public spaces with recycling materials and serigraphy workshop for “Tour de Souppe 2013”, in Kooperation mit Suppe und Mukke e.V.(D), Attacafa e.V. (F), Oltre e.V. (IT).

2013, Berlin (D), NewYorck im Bethanien, collective exhibition with Femme Fraktale.

2013, Berlin (D), collective exhibition with Femme Fraktale for “Gender and Diversity” Konferenzen at Alice Salomon Hochschule.

2013, Berlin (D), Idanowhere, exhibition with Rue de La Freak painter collective.

2012, Pfarrkirchen (D), Galerie Glasbau, collective exhibition.

2012, Bogen (D), Rammesberg Artsymposium, collective exhibition in cooperation with Straubing Stadt und Herr Keramik.

2011, Florence (IT), Giardino dei Ciliegi , curator and participants of the collective womens exhibition in cooperations with Il Melograno.

2009, Berlin (D), B-Lage, exhibition with M. Stagi.

2009, Berlin (D), Idanowhere, collective exhibition.

2008, Florence (IT), Il Melograno , collective exhibition.

2005, Ankara (TR), 1st International Turkisch Grameen Mikro-credit Art Biennal,collective exhibition.

2004, Riehen (CH), Alte Post e.V., collective exhibition.

2003, Florence (IT), Libreria delle Donne, solo exhibition.

2002, Torino (IT), Premio Felice Casorati, collective exhibition.

Selected Performances from Le Immagini di Vetro Project:

2015, Napoli (IT), Performance of Le Immagini di Vetro project extended version for “Grandi Venti” Festival, hosted and organised by ExAsilo Filangieri.

2014, Berlin8D), Idanowhere for Palatability, performance.

2014, Berlin (D), Studio2 Mime Centrum, Kunstquartier Bethanien, performance feat B.Toraldo, M. Marzo, G. Gonzales, B. Pasco, C.Pichler.

2013, Florence (IT), C.d.P. Settignano, performance feat F. Corcione und L. Stagi.

2013, Berlin (D), Alice Salomon Hochschule, „Gender and Diversity“ conferences, performance feat Femme Fraktale and students.

2012, Bogen (D), Rammersberg Artsymposium, performance.

2012, Berlin (D), Blo Atelier, Femme Fraktale Event, performance with „ Sparkling fishes in dark water“ .

2012, Berlin (D) , KiliKlub, Femme Fraktale Event, performance feat B.Toraldo and Dj Meatball.

2011, Berlin (D), HB55, performance feat B. Toraldo.

2011, Berlin (D), Die Friedenskierche, Elektönische Hörrgenuss V, performance.

2011, Berlin (D), 91MQ @ DIENSTbar, performance feat Nil Wu Ming.

2011, Florence (IT), Giardino dei Ciliegi, performance.

2011, Berlin (D), Raum 20, Burp Enterpreise Night, performance.

2010, Berlin (D), Raw Tempel, for Tune Up , performance.

2010, Berlin (D), Rauchhaus, die Spukkommune, performance feat VaNa MaZi und B. Toraldo.

2010, Berlin (D), Institut der Moglichkeit, performance feat VaNa MaZi.

2010, Berlin (D), Alte Kindl Brauerei, performance.

2010, Berlin (D), Idanowhere, performance.

2008, Florence, Il Melograno, performance.

2008, Zurich, Hönggerstr.20, performance feat Kenneth Nielsen.

Arttherapy projects:

2015-16, Florence (IT), “Fantasticart”, Art project for elementary school children in cooperation and sponsored by public school Istituto comprensivo Don Milani, scuola Nuccio e scuola Pilati.

2014, Berlin (D), “Kleine Küche für Kinder auf Karton und Papiermachè” (“Little kitchen for children on cardboard and papier machè”), a socio-cultural project for elementary school children, in cooperation with Nachbarschaftsheim Neukölln e.V., sponsored by Kulturamt Neukoelln.

2013, Berlin (D), “Bilder der Gemeinschaft”(“Paintings of the community”),  a socio-cultural project for elementary school children, with E. Zipser, in cooperation with Nachbarschaftsheim Neukölln e.V., sponsored by Koernerkiez Quartiers Managment.

2013, Berlin (D), “Moderne Kinder und Mythologische Tiere” (Modern children and mythologic animals), a socio-cultural project for elementary school children, with A.Witt and R.Pomp, in cooperation with Nachbarschaftsheim Neukölln e.V., sponsored by Kulturamt Neukoelln.

2013, Bogen (D),  “Durch Kunst Natur erleben” (Through art experience nature), a socio-cultural project for kindergarden and elementary school children, with M. Stagi, in cooperation with Inslebenwachsen Waldkindergarden e.V.

2013, Berlin (D), “Mikrokosmos-Makrokosmos”,a socio-cultural project for elementary school children, with S. Wendler, in cooperation with Nachbarschaftsheim Neukölln e.V. und 1. Gemeinschaftsschule Neukölln, sponsored by Kulturamt Neukoelln and QM Reuterkiez.

2012, Berlin (D), “Traum Stadt- Albtraum Stadt” (Dream city-Nightmare city), a socio-cultural project for elementary school children, in cooperation with Nachbarschaftsheim Neukölln e.V., sponsored by QMKornerpark.

2011, Florence (IT), “Dallo stereotipo alla donna reale” (From the stereotyp to the real woman), a socio-cultural project for womens, in cooperation with Il Melograno c.a. and il Giardino dei Ciliegi c.a.

2009/10, Berlin (D), “Schatten Theater gegen Rassismus” (shadow theater against racism), an intercultural comunications project ffor migrants, in cooperation with KuB e.V. and Chip Jugendzentrum.

2009, Florence, “L’arte dei bambini al parco” (art of children at the park), a socio-cultural project for elementary school children in cooperation with Il Melograno e.V.