Le Immagini di Vetro Project

Le Immagini di Vetro Project was born in 2007, by an idea of Giulia Spugnoli and Mario Stagi https://soundcloud.com/john-dhe-1, as research about performing with different semantic forms, to show the creative and communicative experience in the art process. Words, signs, visions, sounds, light, symbols, materials and colors in a new compositive logic. Instruments for our research are: a computer with music software connected to a sound system and an Overheadprojector on which  glass colors , water, objects and various materials are handled and projected on a big white screen or on exteriors /interiors Walls . The painting/image designed , on the overheadprojector, has its own perspective and cognitive space, different from the space of music. Words and sentences are mixed up from another semantic level. One overlaying the other. All these different parts become compositive aesthetic elements that create a conceptual unity. With these basic elements we elaborate our performance, to leave open spacefor creative inspiration. Tune on basic semantic knots, we follow a sequence made by keywords or sentences which music and images refers to. The picture flows in time as the music does and together they exist during the live exhibition.Le Immagini di Vetro’s research tries to reveal the communicative attraction and effect of mass media technology, using more primitive and symbolic images, both material and abstract at the same time, more free and open, as art allows. The performance is total for its dimensions in the space and not for its commercial branding. It open also the art work to the audience perceptive estrangements effect.  For this we used to be interest in political and social critical texts and topics, to try to unify these arguments with art practice, to show the intellectual freedom possibility of approach on an argument not supposed to be part of the aestehtics or entertainment field. In these years of practice, we had the lucky to play our performance in a lot of different places around Europe, from the underground scene of Berlin to more institutional places, making severals collaborations with all kinds of disciplines.