2013 wiew of the atelier

2013 , Berlin atelier

Giulia Spugnoli is a multidisciplinary artist, who starts from informal painting to arrive at the figurative night landscapes of her latest works, in the artistic practice she then carried out performative projects in collaboration with various artists especially in Berlin, both with Le Immagini di Vetro Project ( ) and with Rue de la freak ( -mural-painting/ ) and with the gender oriented collective Femme Fraktale ( ). In recent years she has developed a feminist participatory art project to give space to her social sensitivity called EroiKa which falls within the vein of Social Engaged Art. She collects around the world, where invite you to go, photographic portraits of EroiKe characters, in the flesh, living, and makes it both a relational practice that enriches the community it meets, and an aesthetic restitution in the form of one hundred and twenty and ever increasing portraits that form a work which is both a wall installation and a series of paper editions with the portraits and the phrases connected to them also written by each participant.

Themes and style

The search for aesthetic translation of themes of social criticism can be identified as a thematic thread that crosses all of his oeuvre, as can be seen immediately in works such as EroiKa and Corpi Speciali, but which also remains in the works on canvas with the series carried on over the years the nocturnal landscapes and in the youthful production, strongly influenced by the avant-gardes of the twentieth century as well as of the seventies and nineties. Her participation in various collectives has also allowed her to learn and receive new stimuli and still places the relational aspect at the center of her creative production.

Inspiration and models

For performance, Jon Jonas, Gelousy Party, Theater of Chinese shadows, For photography Group Material, Vertov, Tarkosky, Gillian, for painting David Hockney, Bacon, Botticelli, Kahlo, Palcic, Klee, Gentileschi, for participatory feminist art Mierle Ladermann Ukeles, Judy Chicago.

Means and expressive tools

Painting on canvas with acrylic, drawing, digital photography, live painting on overhead projector, computer, screen printing and printing techniques, art therapy, mixed media.

Relations with spaces and artists

She collaborates with many different types of spaces, from those more inserted into reality from below such as cultural associations, occupied social centers, youth centers, neighborhood spaces to more institutional ones such as the Alice Salomon University of Social Studies and Mime Zentrum both in Berlin or the ShangYuan Museum in China. With an internationalist and polyglot spirit over the years she has collaborated with many cultural realities.