Tekno Ninfe

The Tekno Ninfe environmental aucoustic installation was born from the comparison between the mythical vision of the ancients and the mythical vision of technocratic society. A device that amplifies a female laugh activated by the wind blowing through the branches of a tree is created through the technological craftsmanship of digital and battery-operated devices, miniaturized. The simulation of a supernatural laughter of a mythological being such as the wood nymph of Greek antiquity produces a temporal, sound, perceptive estrangement on the part of visitors to the park in which it is located. A gust of wind rustles the leaves of the trees and you can hear a woman’s laugh flying in the air, echo of a mythical past in which nature was a mystery activating knowledge. The brilliant laugh of a woman is the imaginary representation and, the more a voice the more concrete, of intuitions and posthuman psychic energies.

The mechanical activation system through the wind sets the device on a natural and casual rhythm, which acts as a semantic bridge with the ancient wind rattle.

Artistic references:

Ambient audio installation “Audio Walks” by Janet Cardi