Made in China

All this artworks were realised between august and october 2015, during the Artist Recidency Program i took place at ShangYuan Museum (  ) ShangYuan Village, Huairou, Beijing, PRC.

GS, Huo Guo, 2015 acrilico e pastello a olio su tela, 120 x120 cm

GS The chinese poet Feng Lei", 2015, acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 100x70cm

GS,  “The chinese poet Feng Lei”, 2015, acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 100x70cm

GS, One story-Many stories, 2015, acrilico su tela, 120×120 cm

GS, At Shayukou village, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 200×100 cm

GS, Il tamburo rosso, 2015, acrilico su tela, 200×100 cm

GS, Still life- Grigliata a Beshizao, 2015, olio su tela, 50×50 cm

GS, Giocatori di carte nella notte a Shayukou, 2015, acrilico su tela, 90×60 cm

GS, Contadini che giocano a carte a Beshicao, 2015, acrilico su tela, 50×50 cm

GS, Il Bacio, 2015, acrilico su tela, 150×150 cm collezione dello Shangyuan Art Museum

GS,Sciamanismo femminile, 2015, tecnica mista su tela, 80×100 cm